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    Last updated 16 days ago

    Merion Art thanks you for participating in Bryn Mawr Day!

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    We're Excited to Announce- Masterpiece Canvas is Coming to Merion Art & Repro!!!!

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Monet™ Professional 12 oz. Cotton Canvas is the industry standard for heavy duty Stretched Canvas. The canvas itself is a rugged canvas perfect for most painting techniques. It is a heavy weight and rough weave material. It is primed with our high quality archival quality priming.

    Stretched with the Masterwrap™ Stretching Technique, this product features our Sausalito™ brand canvas, which is a 12 ounce cotton duck mounted on keyed Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars. Monet is restretchable on the same size frame.. Monet™ Professional is made for serious artists who require the extra strength of this heavy duty canvas. The corners are hand fitted to the frame and the edges are staple free allowing for a frame-less display of your art. The canvas selvage is left on the back of the piece for easy restretching.

    Stretched on Keyed Stretcher Bars, you can easily retension the canvas using standard wedges.

    Canvas Material: Cotton Canvas #12 duck, 11.5 ounces per square yard before priming is applied
    Priming: Acid Free, Archival Quality Acrylic Gesso, Double Primed
    Masterpiece® Canvas Style: Sausalito™, Heavy weight canvas, rough hand, uniform heavy texture
    Perfect for Oil and Acrylic paints
    Stretcher Bars: B1 Stretcher Bar, 1 3/8'' Deep by 1 5/8'' Wide
    Stretching Style: Masterwrap™, stapled on the back, and stretched using our unique machines that tensions and wraps the canvas around the frame achieving up to a 50% tighter tension than if stretched by any other method.
    Restretchable on the same size frame
    Hand tailored corners
    Staple Free Edges
    Paint right on the edge for a frameless display of your art
    Made in America
    This is a professional quality product.

    Resin Crafts: EasyCast in Bracelet Mold - The Finishing Touch

    Last updated 1 month ago

     Here it is.  One last post about the two bracelets I started.
    They are looking good.
    Good I say, not great.  I am not 100% satisfied with my finished project yet.

    We had a lively online support group offering ideas and suggestions for getting my two bracelets finished to a nice high gloss sheen.  I was on the right track, but I needed to see if there were tools at my disposal that might help.  I have a dremel.  When I bought it it came with all sorts of attachments and I knew there was a muslin wheel somewhere in my drawer.

    I also discovered I had a whole bunch of felt wheels.

    Having discussed my high gloss shine dilemma with Carl, my expert contact at ETI, he reminded me that when you work with high speed tools you have to use the lower speed setting so you don't heat up the resin or the wax polisher.  Great tip.  So I started...and sadly, my muslin mini wheel immediately disintegrated.  :(  Clearly it was too old.  
    This is the "after photo" and all those tiny threads landed on my shirt.

     So I thought, what the heck, bring out the felt wheels.
    The felt did a beautiful job finishing the surface...but it was still dull.  Evenly matte, but not shiny like I wanted.  This was a brilliant experiment for me, because in the past I had shiny items I wished were a little more matte.  The felt wheels are now my new best friends!

     You might like it finished this way.  
    A combination of glossy sides and matte finished tops.

     But I need a shine!  I need gloss.  I needed a small coating ofEnvirotex Lite!

     So I am coating/glazing the top and the bottom with a little Envirotex Lite.  It will take longer I know, since I can only work on one side at a time...but for me, this technique is best.

    Oh, and one last tip:  when you glaze resin on resin, sometimes it pulls back from edges or sections.  Be sure to watch your surface and add a little more in any area that might be missed.

    Carmi Cimicata

    Resin Crafts: EasyCast in Bracelet Molds

    Last updated 1 month ago

    ..I am having way too much fun!
    ...I have a several bracelet molds out on my table and I am thinking about what my final peices should represent. This mold will feature calla lillies which will be a salute to Frida Kahlo.

    This mold has the petals from some dried flowers.  I have no idea if they will stay standing in my mold, but I am prepared to try!  You can see in this picture that I have already poured EasyCast into the mold and so far my petals aren't moving around too much.

    EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy.
    I get asked all the time about which resin works best for different projects.
    EasyCast was chemically engineered by ETI to work beautifully in molds!
    My First Steps:
    1.  I sprayed my mold with mold release.  Re-usable polypropylene molds are fairly stiff.  You'll want/need the release to get your finished piece out of the mold.  I know you are going to ask - where do I get my molds?  I am not affiliated with any mold makers.  Living in the country I am an online shopper and I ordered these molds on Amazon. 
    2.  I poured1/4 of an inch of EasyCast into the mold and let that cure before I added my inclusions.  This way my items will look like they are floating...which will make way more sense tomorrow!

    Carmi Cimicata

    Free Caran D'Ache Demonstration August 2nd @ 11am

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Justine Babcock will be hosting this Caran D'ache demonstration. She will be focusing on different ways to manipulate this watersoluble wax crayon. Can be used as a pastel, a facepaint, a fabric paint, a dye and so many other options!

    Samples will be given to the first 20 attendees! This is a demo not to be missed!

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